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norm. air for parents

Give back to the most important people in your life.

Since before we started the norm. hotel business, we were absolutely indebted to our parents. Whether it was when we were students that were studying abroad, working our first jobs, or even when getting norm. started as a business. It was precisely because of starting norm. that all of us felt we were at the stage of our lives when we can give back to the most important people, our loving parents.


For guests who want to give back to their parents, husband or wife, and/or children. Combining multiple generations and spending quality time is the purpose of this exclusive plan.

Plan Overview

For those who have applied for this plan, norm air. will offer you a chance to gift your parents a 60 minute body massage (up to 2 persons). Enjoy this in tandem with a private sauna experience. Release all stress and boost your energy with a cold water bath as part of the norm. air wellness experience.


This plan is available exclusively during Golden week, Obon and New Year’s holidays when it is convenient for all members to spend focused quality time.


Please enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures; the act of giving back to our loving parents.

Flow from reservation to the day

  • When you make a reservation for this accommodation plan, please enter the number of people you would like to receive a massage in the "requests/questions" column.

  • Please inform the staff of your parent-child relationship at check-in.

  • The masseuse will ask you to start the massage at 20:00.

  • After finishing the sauna and dinner with your family, please relax while waiting.

  • After the masseuse arrives, the massage will be performed in the bedroom.

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