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Hotel norm. air was designed with its environment in mind. Surrounded by lush Kawaguchiko forestry, the distinctly industrial facade creates a feeling of adventure and excitement. Upon entry, one finds themselves amidst neutral tones, stone floors, that again, juxtapose the black exterior. The design plays with the harmony of colors, textures, materials and space. The name "air" was given to this project due to the feeling of floating in the forest as one looks out the windows of the second floor.



Art being one of the core pillars of norm. since the start, it was a goal of ours to create an exhibition space that artists are excited to see their work in. The neutral color palette really brings out the most of all kinds of artwork that is hung in this space. Guests are encouraged to take time and appreciate the pieces during their stay.


(If you wish to purchase any work in exhibit, please contact us.)



Bedroom designed to please the eyes. Soft sunlight enters through the large sliding windows. Wake up with the sun and the sublime orchestra of birds. Give your clothes a luxurious home with the custom brass closet. Enjoy the best sleep of your life in the tranquility of this Kawaguchiko forest.




The powder room + shower is designed with the concept of Biophilia in mind. Upon entering, guests are welcomed with a back-lit round mirror that extends below the sink. Marble counter tops contrast the stone-like walls and black tiles of the shower. The main event is of course is the botanical garden space seen through the floor to ceiling window. Enjoy nature as a part of your self-care and wellness journey at norm. air.



The island kitchen is a symbol of norm. hotel design. This hotel features one of the largest island counters in any hotel in Japan. Surrounded by intricately designed seating from B&B Italia, a center piece plant by Pioen Flora, and state of the art kitchen amenities, this is the space to be with your loved ones. ​


Dinner & Breakfast plans can be picked during booking.



Taste the highest quality award winning ISEKADOYA craft beer straight from the tap as one of the highlights of the norm. air experience. All three taps hold different flavors and are changed from time to time. Drink to your heart's content and enjoy the experiencing of pouring your on beer from the tap!


*Wine & Whiskey are sold separately.



With norm. air's living room, we are bringing back the classic conversation pit popularized in the 1960s. Although it has no barriers between the island and bar, the lowered flooring allows us to create separation without the feeling of loneliness. The large windows on each wall face give extravagant views of the lush forest. Enjoy the ethanol fireplace by EcoSmartFire, sound system by SONOS and furniture by ARFLEX. Stay warm in the cold winters with multi-level floor heating.



Open air balcony overlooking the spectacular Kawaguchi Lake. Talk while barbecuing and spend the night watching the stars. After the sauna and cold bath, "Totonoi" in the fresh air by the lake. The perfect place to talk, laugh, share and let loose. Featuring a large one-piece marble table and chairs by B&B Italia, feel the luxury and comfort while enjoying the views.



An outdoor bath unlike others. With views of the lake, floor heating, large Italian bath tub and well water from Mt. Fuji this is truly another level of bathing experiences. Use the bath tub as a cold water bath after Sauna or for a hot bath after a satisfying day.



This sauna is first of its kind in a private hotel, custom made for norm. air. Continuing with the symbolic grey tones of norm. design, this sauna fits 4-5 people, goes up to 100ºC and gives you views to the forest as well as the lake.

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